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CB-9-dtalkaphone1Integrated Systems & Services realizes the importance of a crisis situation on a College or business campus, parking lot, hospital site or large shopping center. That is why the emergency call station and mass notification systems are an important aspect in these types of environments. These two important safety products can ensure the safety of your associates and help someone who is in an unsafe situation. The emergency call station can be programmed with two buttons, one for emergency calls and one for informational calls, to better suit the end users needs.
Surveillance camera’s can also be installed on the unit for additional security if needed. When a facility has standalone call stations, people are continually reassured that safety or police assistance is just a push of a button away. When an emergency comes, about the ability to communicate with a large number of people can be a crucial step in keeping an area Safe. This is where mass notification comes as being an important aspect for your facility. The mass notification systems can be used for protecting and securing walkways, parking lots, college and commercial campuses. Integrated Systems & Services designs, installs and services these systems every day.




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